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Behaviour 101: A Parent's Guide to ABA

Why parent training is essential?

There are several important reasons why we advocate for parent involvement in the therapy program:

  • Research shows that parental involvement in ABA promotes even greater gains for the child
  • You provide critical insight and information that will help guide the development of the ABA program
  • You can provide opportunities for your child to practice learnt skills across the day outside of the therapy context
  • You can generalise learnt skills across a range of different areas including people, environments, materials and  language – the importance of generalization in your child’s ABA program can not be emphasised enough
  • You can help your child communicate more effectively by making use of the same communication system used during therapy, whether it is vocal, PECS, or a speech-generating device
  • The best reductions in challenging behaviour are achieved when parents, ABA therapists, and other people who often interact with the child respond to the behaviour in the same way

Parent's engagement in a child's life is essential when developing an intervention program

Lizard Parent Training Options

At Lizard, we offer several different parent training options which have beneficial components for you and your child.

ABA Training Workshop

Parents are invited to attend our comprehensive ABA training workshop, which includes 11 hours of compulsory online training on the principles and practical application of behaviour analysis followed by an optional 2 day practical workshop to learn how we teach new skills at Lizard. The 2 day training is compulsory for parents who wish to be a therapist on their child’s team.

Lizard Coaching

Parent’s receive ongoing coaching from their Program Supervisor as part of the therapy program at Lizard. Program Supervisors can help parents learn to teach new skills, effectively prevent and respond to challenging behaviour and address common issues with eating, sleeping and toilet training. Coaching can take a variety of forms and may occur during clinic meetings, in-centre sessions, home visits or via real time remote video observation.

Making it Work at Home: A Parent’s Guide to ABA

We offer a one day parent training workshop conducted by one of our senior Program Supervisors, which covers topics including:

  • How to put together a successful therapy team
  • How to understand and prevent challenging behaviour
  • How to promote language development at home

We offer plenty of practical tips for parents to implement straight away and provide lots of time for questions and answers. Parents leave the workshop with a better understanding of the how to incorporate ABA into their parenting outside of structured therapy sessions.