About us

Lizard is one of Australia’s leading providers of evidence-based intervention for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (autism) and related developmental delays.

At the core of our services and support is Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), a scientifically validated methodology with over 40 years of proven results in Australia and overseas.

We focus on applying ABA techniques to create individual programs for children with autism that deliver lasting improvements in all areas of a child’s development: communication, cognition, social interaction, play, motor skills and independent living skills. Lizard is the largest ABA early intervention organisation in Australia.

Our services combine a number of elements to provide an early intervention program for children with ASD and their families. This comprehensive and intensive approach to program design ensures your child’s progress is accelerated.

Lizard Centres

We opened our first Lizard Centre specialist paediatric clinic in Sydney in 2003 and now also have centres in Melbourne and Adelaide. New in-home services are also now on-stream and in development. We think this level of flexibility and choice is essential to effective early intervention with children with autism.

Lizard started as a collaboration between Elizabeth Watson and Lizard Centre director Nicole Rogerson after working together on Nicole’s son Jack’s ABA program. Nicole is also the founder and CEO of Autism Awareness Australia.

Lizard Centre boy


Lizard Centre is part of the Nextt group, a leading Australian provider of in-home care across the children’s, disability, mental health and aged care sectors. For more information, visit the Nextt site.