Lizard Behaviour Therapist

The start of something rewarding. The fast track to something great.

Working as a Lizard Behaviour Therapist (LBT) is your gateway to a rewarding and exciting career in child-based special needs and early intervention.

As an LBT you work with children with ASD/developmental delay as the critical person who is the primary touchpoint responsible for delivering the ABA program that has been developed specifically for them by the Program Supervisor.

Sessions can take place in a child’s home, day care or school and follows the Lizard Centre’s individualised program. A typical session includes aspects of a range of disciplines including:

  • Structured and naturalistic teaching.
  • Collecting, recording and graphing data
  • Implementing Behaviour Intervention Plans (BIPs).

You will also regularly participate in clinics which are attended by the family and clinical team and are held at the Lizard Centre.

Why do you want to work at the lizard centre?

  • You are working towards or already have a received your Bachelor’s degree in a Psychology, Education, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy or a related field.
  • You are motivated to help children with autism and developmental delay.
  • Your minimum of 2 years’ hands-on experience delivering ABA programs to children (18 months – 7 years) with ASD means that you are well-versed up to highly skilled in the principles of ABA, or have or are undertaking postgraduate studies in ABA.
  • You are sensitive to the needs of the families you work with and create positive, yet objective, relationships with them.
  • You can demonstrate clear communications skills both written and verbal.
  • You easily work within a team environment and comply withProfessional and Ethics Compliance Code for Behaviour Analysts. You treat your co-workers with respect.
  • You are comfortable managing the progress of many clients simultaneously (you may have been a juggler in your last life!).
  • You understand that we are all continuously learning, the field of ABA is dynamic and evolving and you’re open and willing to embrace this.
  • You know how to get on with what needs to be done efficiently and effectively, to organise and prioritise tasks and work on your own.
  • You know how to laugh. You spend plenty of time at work, so you make it fun…and rewarding.

Let’s talk about your transferable skills and how they fit with Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

You may be thinking, “Well that’s great but what if I don’t have any experience or qualifications in ABA…”

That’s not a problem, because you may have a range of transferable skills that would make you a great fit… and we can train you specifically in the principles and methodology of ABA.

  • You will receive full in-house training from our team of Board Certified Behaviour Analysts®(BCBAs) and Clinical Director (BCBA-D) to ensure you are ready and confident to make a positive difference in the lives of children with ASD and developmental delay.
  • Our ABA training is uniquely tailored to help you become a valued and effective Lizard Behaviour Therapist.
  • This best-practice training is your foundation in the theoretical principles and application of ABA.
  • A practical competency assessment will make sure that you can demonstrate the necessary skills to work as a Behaviour Therapist.
  • Integral to your training is a 2-day practical workshop where you will learn how to implement the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis.
  • This pathway is your grounding in ABA which is built through ongoing supervision of Senior Therapists and Clinicians many of whom are BCBA certified.
  • Your success as a Lizard Behaviour Therapist can see you fast track your career development — next stop Registered Behaviour Technician !

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