Creative and analytic. Evidence-based solutions. Powerful and rewarding.

Using your skills in Behavioural Analysis, you manage all aspects of a client ABA program, from the first consultation with the family, until the child becomes an independent learner or transitions to other services.
This includes:

  • Conducting the initial consultation.
  • Administering and compiling assessment results.
  • Writing progress reports.
  • Parents training on the key components of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA).
  • Conducting Functional Behaviour Assessments and the development of Behaviour Intervention Plans (BIPs).

You ensure the highest levels of skill acquisition are reached by the child throughout the program by:

  • Monitoring and problem solving learning difficulties through consultations, video review or real-time/remote observation of the teaching.
  • Liaising with external agencies including childcare, schools and allied health professionals.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with all members of our client teams, colleagues, professionals and families.

Why do you want you to work at The Lizard Centre?

  • You will have a Masters degree in Psychology, Education, or Applied Behaviour Analysis with certification as a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst® (or be working toward certification).
  • You have a passion to work with children and/or young adults developing essential life skills.
  • You have hands-on experience delivering and supervising ABA programs for children and young adults with ASD.
  • You have experience conducting developmental behaviour assessments, including the VB-MAPP (Sunberg, 2008) EFL (McGreevy, 2018) and ABLLS-R (Partington, 2006).
  • You can design and implement behaviour analytic teaching procedures, including:
    • Discrete trial instruction.
    • Incidental teaching.
    • Task analysis.
    • Experience with Precision Teaching is a plus!
  • You have experience conducting functional assessments and design function-based behaviour support plans.
  • You’ve had experience in supporting families with special teaching needs children.
  • You easily work within a team environment and comply with the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behaviour Analysts.
  • You can demonstrate clear communications skills both written and verbal.
  • You understand that we are all continuously learning, the filed of ABA is dynamic and evolving and you’re open and willing to embrace this.
  • You know how to get on with what needs to be done efficiently and effectively, to organise and prioritise tasks and work autonomously.
  • You know how to laugh. You spend plenty of time at work, so you make it fun…and rewarding.

Is it time for a change?

We understand that a Behaviour Analyst/Program Supervisor job is demanding and that collaboration and supervision is key to success in this role.

We provide an environment in which you can ask for guidance, bounce ideas off, seek a new perspective. There is a team in your corner with a leader who is an expert, is pragmatic and empathetic. They are there when you need them.

We expect you to ask lots of questions, ranging from practical to aspirational, to see if working in our company is the right fit for you. And we are happy to answer any and/or all of your questions; but we wanted to take a moment to give you a feel for the we are, why we are and what motivates us as an organisation. So contact us for a confidential conversation.