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Lizard Parents

Parents are an integral part of their child's learning. We work closely with families to help their child reach their full potential. Meet some of our Lizard parents who share their journey on raising a child with autism.

Dina and Jayden

Jayden was a healthy baby who reached all his developmental milestones within normal timeframes. While other babies around him had ear infections, reflux or common colds, Jayden was always robust; fit as a fiddle. And he rarely cried – his parents couldn’t believe their luck.
But as he got older, his mum Dina wondered if she was doing something wrong. She questioned her own parenting abilities and sometimes wondered if she was a bad mother.

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Lizard Parent

Alain and Tristan

Lizard Parent

When Tristan was born in 2012, he was just like any other baby. But as he grew older, his parents knew he was different from his peers. They wondered why he was so restless, why he didn’t understand simple instructions and why he didn’t talk.

After a few years of questioning and plenty of ‘Dr Googling’, it didn’t come as a shock to his parents when he was formally diagnosed just before his third birthday with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Tristan’s dad, Alain remembers it was a pretty rough time.

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Luke and Sawyer

Sawyer was born in Japan in 2015 and although his parents noticed that he developed a little slower than his peers, they weren’t too worried. They thought he might be a bit shy and they told themselves that all children are different.

But by the time he was almost two, his parents acknowledged that Sawyer had skipped past some key developmental markers. So, they sought an expert’s opinion and Sawyer was diagnosed with a developmental delay.

Not long after this, Sawyer began to change.

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