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How Do We Design Your Child's ABA Program?

Initial Clinic:

Program Supervisor reviews all available reports provided by family

Jump Start:

Developmental assessment(s) are conducted, results collated, report prepared and discussed with family. Parents and Lizard clinicians contribute to this assessment.

First 2 - 3 months:

Short and long term goals are set by parents in collaboration with Program Supervisor

Throughout the duration of the program:

Goals are broken down into teachable components. Procedure sheets are developed and implemented to teach new skills.

Once a new skill is learned, it is generalised across people, places, materials and language.

Data are recorded every session to allow tracking of skill acquisition, learning rate, mastery and generalisation.

Data are analysed by the Senior Behaviour Therapist and Program Supervisor to inform decisions about skill and goal mastery.

During clinic meetings:

Data are reviewed and discussed and mapped against goals set by family and Program Supervisor.

Every 6 months:

Progress is comprehensively reassessed and mapped against the developmental assessment with results expressed as a percentage of skills master in each domain. Results compared to previous development assessment testing results.