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Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention


Early intensive behavioural intervention (EIBI), is an evidence-based, comprehensive intervention for autism spectrum disorder based on the principles of ABA. Autism Early Intervention has been shown to be associated with the most dramatic improvements in prognosis for children with ASD. It is endorsed by the Australian government:

Autism Research Report (PDF).

Disability & Carers Executive Summary Review (PDF).

The goal of EIBI is to change a child’s learning trajectory so that the child’s rate of learning approaches that of a typically developing peer. EIBI is characterized by the following:



Autism Early Intervention begins as soon as a diagnosis is confirmed. EIBI may produce the greatest gains when intervention is started before age 2.



Autism Early Intervention is provided for no less than 20 hours per week, with studies recommending 30-40 hours per week



Autism Early Intervention is focused on the objective identification of skill deficits and behavioural excesses, and the use of teaching tactics derived from ABA to build functional skills

Why is Autism Early Intervention important?

We emphasise the importance of individualised planning to achieve best practice in providing early intervention supports. Each Early and Intensive Behavioural Intervention program is tailored to your child's individual needs in order to promote:

  • Development,
  • Wellbeing &
  • Community Participation.

Lizard encourages parents, guardians and families to work with us to enhance your knowledge of the skills and supports needed for your child.

We offer high quality Early and Intensive Behavioural Interventions (EIBI) programs which are supervised by our professional and experienced staff.

Our team of enthusiastic, fun and loving behaviour therapists (Meet them here) will deliver early and intensive behavioural intervention programs in your home or your child's learning environment.

Jump Start

Before commencing the Early and Intensive Behavioural Intervention program, your child will complete an introductory accelerated program called Jump Start. This enables our staff to get to know your child better and to build a high quality tailored program.

It includes:

  • 2 hour initial clinic with your Program Supervisor
  • 12 sessions in our centre with a Senior Behaviour Therapist
  • A comprehensive development assessment & report
  • An individualised set of teaching procedures

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Early and Intensive Behavioural Intervention Programs

After Jump Start we offer a choice of two service delivery models:

  1. Full Service Model - Lizard will supervise, manage and provide staff for both your In-Centre and In-Home therapy program
  2. Supervision Model - Lizard will provide the In-Centre program enabling families to source and manage their own In-Home team

Ongoing Lizard Program

Our programs run on a 4 weekly clinical cycle. Each child will have a weekly Senior Behavioural Therapist (SBT) session in the clinic, support by another +20 hours of In-Home therapy designed to give your child as many learning opportunities as possible and increase the rate at which they acquire skills.

Every fourth week the early intervention support team members and parents come together for a Clinical Care Conference to assess and evaluate progress, implement new programs and conduct training - focused on maximizing your child's learning. We have found that consistent, expert monitoring and supervision is key to many children's success.