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In Adelaide’s Lizard Centre, there is a new social skills group called Gecko Club


The program is divided into 4 units:

Unit 1 – Classroom skillsUnit 2 – Basic InteractionsUnit 3 – Making FriendsUnit 4 – Playing with Peers

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The Gecko club in Adelaide will run for 8 weeks in line with this year’s school terms starting in Term 3:

Tuesday 30 January 2018 at 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Groups will include 4 – 8 children of similar age and skill level.

The program within Gecko Club will consist of 8 two hour weekly group sessions and weekly practice goals for home. They are designed to focus on individual social and school skills for your child. At the completion of each unit data will be compiled and our social skills team will prepare a written progress summary describing the skills your child has learned during the term.

Call us on 1300 752 617 to speak to an expert on our Social Skills Program

Gecko Club (3-5 years)

As children are gearing up for school, there are a number of group and social skills that need to be in place to set the child up for success. Gecko Club is an interactive and fun playgroup that uses an evidence-based curriculum and Applied Behavioural Analysis to teach school readiness and early social skills.

In Gecko Club, your child will:

Learn fundamental skills needs for participation in group instructionHave opportunities for parallel and associative play with other childrenBegin to develop the early social skills needs for friendships

What skills does my child need to join Gecko Club?

The required prerequisite skills for Gecko Club include:

Sit in a group for at least 2 minutesSpeak in 2 – 3 work phrasesRespond to Wh- questions such as “What is it?” and “What doing?”Able to follow 1-step commands in 1:1 settingEarly fine motor skills such as pointing, holding a marker/pencil, drawing/colouring skillsEarly play skills such as block building and figurine playToilet trained

What key skills will be addressed?

Following group directionsResponding in a groupTransitioning to and from activitiesEarly worksheet skillsTurn-takingParallel and associative playSharingIdentifying emotions

How will these key skills be developed?

Gecko Club uses a combination of direct instruction, video modelling, role-playing, discrete trial teaching, and incidental teaching to product data-driven results and outcomes for your child. The key skills will be taught through a range of activities such as circle time, play centres, arts and crafts, group instructions, group games and many more.

Our program curriculum includes:

MODEL ME KIDSAn evidence-based method of instruction using video modelling to teach social skillsSRA Language for LearningA Direct Instruction language based curriculum that teaches basic language concepts, skills and language for the classroom in a group format.

Trained Senior Behaviour Therapists provide reinforcement and corrective feedback for each child throughout the group. Data are recorded and analysed for each session to ensure that your child is making progress toward his or her goals.