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Speech therapy for all children

Teacher giving child assessment

At Lizard Centre, our team of qualified paediatric speech and language pathologists assess, diagnose and treat:

• Language delays/disorders

• Speech sound disorders

• Childhood Apraxia of Speech

• Fluency/stuttering

• Literacy difficulties

• Difficulties with social skills

• Swallowing and feeding disorders

• Communication disorders secondary to ASD diagnosis

• Augmentative and Alternative Communication (e.g. PECS, Proloquo2Go)

Speech therapy can help your child in a number of critical areas:

• Understanding what is being said to them such as questions, instructions and the meanings of words

• Expressing their ideas and needs through verbal words or pictures/gesture. It can also help them to use appropriate sentence structures, grammar and words.

• Pronouncing words clearly so others can understand them

• Developing and maintaining friendships through using appropriate social skills such as having a conversation, using eye contact and understanding non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and gestures

• Reading and writing at school for learning in the classroom.

• Eating a range of foods safely and efficiently and making mealtimes a positive experience

We can help you and your child, call for more information on 1300 752 617