We are excited to announce that we are now providing services in Brisbane.

Speech therapy for all children

Teacher giving child assessment

At Lizard Centre, our team of highly specialised Paediatric Speech and Language Pathologists and Therapists offer speech therapy services for young children. They diagnose and treat children with a variety of problems, including:

  • Delayed or disordered development of language
  • Phonological and articulation disorders
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (Dyspraxia)
  • Listening and attention disorders
  • Communication disorders secondary to a diagnosis of ASD
  • Eating and oral motor problems
  • Fluency (stuttering) and Literacy difficulties
  • Augmentative and Alternative communication - PECS and Proloquo2go

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Speech therapy can help your child in a number of critical areas:

  • The ability to express their wants and needs – Your child may struggle to exchange ideas with others and this can prove to be difficult for them, their peers, and family.

  • Understand what is being said to them – It may be difficult for your child to understand the verbal and non-verbal communication cues that people use

  • Develop friendships – Your child may find challenges in communicating with others which makes developing friendships more difficult. Speech therapy will help your child’s overall sense of happiness and wellbeing grow by being able to form deeper bonds with their peers.

  • Communicate clearly – Your child may face the difficulty of articulating words and meaning, and that in turn can make it challenging for those around the child to understand them. Speech therapy helps children to articulate words and sentences more clearly, and this helps them to participate in the broader community.

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