Our Team

Most of our team have or are working towards Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) Qualification. This team of professional therapists have the right combination of expertise to design and implement the intervention program your child's needs.

Program Supervisors

  • Develops and supervises skill building program
  • Formulates Behaviour Intervention Plans
  • Assesses and evaluates data to determine progress

Senior Behaviour Therapists

  • Conducts weekly therapy sessions with your child
  • Provides initial and ongoing training to in-home therapy team
  • Probes new skills
  • Leads the team of in-home behaviour therapist

Lizard Behavioural Therapists

  • Delivers the majority of the 20-40 hours per week of recommended therapy in your home
  • Are closely supervised
  • Can be provided by Lizard or hired as independent contractors
  • Parents can be therapists too.

Meet the team

We are a fifty strong team in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. The majority of which have or are working towards Board Certified Behavioural Analyst (BCBA) Qualification.

And if you want to join the team, visit Lizard Careers

Sydney Team

Melbourne Team