Melanie Daly

Melanie Daly

Senior Centre Clinician, Program Supervisor and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst


Melanie has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from Murdoch University (WA) and Postgraduate Certificate in Disability Studies from Flinders University (SA).

She is currently working toward her Master’s of Education with a concentration in Applied Behaviour Analysis at Monash University. Melanie has worked with children, with and without disabilities, for 15 years in both Australia and the UK, and has been delivering ABA therapy for the past 3 years.

In her spare time Melanie likes to play netball, board games and go hiking and camping.


‘I love that everyday is spent celebrating the achievements of the clients we work with, no matter  how small. They are all capable of so much. My biggest focus is deciding what skills can we teach that will help the children have a fulfilling and independent life!’

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