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Why Is Speech Therapy Important For Young Children?

Why Is Speech Therapy Important For Young Children?

For children with autism, speech therapy is one of the critical treatments that are recommended by most doctors as an early treatment. It is proven to be highly effective because it addresses one of the principle challenges that children with autism experience – communication skills – and from there helps the child be more comfortable and efficient in forming relationships and navigating day to day life.

Please note it is important to acknowledge that speech therapy is most effective for children with autism when implemented alongside an early intervention program.

However speech therapy itself is effective for children who do not have autism and are faced with communication challenges and difficulties.

Lizard Centre offers speech therapy services for all children who face communication challenges and difficulties.


Speech therapy helps children in a number of critical areas:

  1. It helps the child develop the ability to express their wants and needs – Children with autism may struggle to exchange ideas with others and this can prove to be difficult for them, their peers, and family.
  2. Understand what is being said to them – It may be difficult for a child with autism to understand the verbal and non-verbal communication cues that people use, and this can result in the child not understanding what is being said to him or her.
  3. Develop friendships – Children with autism can find that challenges in communicating with others can make developing friendships more difficult. Speech therapy helps a child’s overall sense of happiness and wellbeing grow by being able to form deeper bonds with their peers.
  4. Communicate clearly – Another aspect to autism is the difficulty of articulating words and meaning, and that in turn can make it challenging for those around the child to understand them. Speech therapy helps children to articulate words and sentences more clearly, and this helps them to participate in the broader community.

When should my child start speech therapy?

It is advised that children start speech therapy alongside their early intervention program as soon as they are diagnosed with autism. A child can be diagnosed with autism before they are three years old. The sooner that the speech therapy treatment starts, the greater the impact. A child that has on-going therapy is going to be more responsive and will see even greater results.

Two thirds of children with autism that undergo speech therapy see an improvement to their communication skills.


Who should I contact?

For speech therapy, Sydney and speech therapy, Melbourne services, Lizard Centre is a well-renowned and highly professional specialist in helping kids with speech difficulties. If you are concerned about your child, our qualified speech therapists will take the time to speak with you and plan a speech therapy program to enable your child to improve their speech and accomplish great results.

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